The Evolution of Stadium Technology: Game of Survival

Clubs need to think smarter when it comes to commercialising stadium technology

A new era is upon us. The impact of technology on the business of football has never been greater. Whether it’s the way matches are filmed; with more cameras, covering more angles, in greater definition – to the way they’re viewed; on more devices, by more people, in more locations.

Rewind a decade or so and the idea of watching a live match in HD was a revelation. Now we can take the game anywhere – in HD, on our phones.

New technology isn’t just changing the way the game is watched, it’s also transforming the way clubs commercially interact and engage with their audiences.


Making Sense of Technology

The proliferation of display technology in stadia – at every level of the game – is an example of that. Digital displays are getting bigger and bolder. Clubs are creating more content than ever, and delivering it across more platforms. There’s much greater emphasis on delivering a positive fan experience. And clubs are adapting to maximise commercial revenue from the matchday platform.

With the pace of technology showing no signs of slowing, the future looks very exciting indeed. Clubs will have access to more technology than ever. Audiences will be bigger and more diverse than ever, and brands and fans will expect more. The challenge for clubs will be to keep pace with this evolution in technology and understand how to drive value from it.

To really make sense this, clubs need to work with a partner who can guide them through the entire process – from concept to reality. Clubs should seek expert advice from partners who not only understand technology and content, but can also advise as to how the platform can be commercialised.
The 2020 StadiumTech Roadshow is bringing together innovators in stadium display hardware and a content production, to help clubs make sense of the different technologies and how they can be used to drive engagement and commercial revenue.